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DUO TONIC prides itself on associating with several moral values:



We accept, respect and abide all rules of the game, whether it be in the sporting world (competition, training…) or in the business world.



Shocked by the polluted state of running trails, we hope to help athletes preserve and maintain their training grounds.

The range of energy gels offered by DUO TONIC has been designed in an ecological context with a vision for sustainable development. The brand offers the sports gels with recyclable packaging in  reusable silicone vials that comply with the EU standards of production. Hence, no gel vials littering in nature, and exercising in a “clean” and natural environment remains a pleasure.



The practice of sport is different for each individual. Nevertheless, competitive sport is subject to regulations that must be respected. For us, doping is equal to cheating, and is not a tolerated part of the game. The sport must remain a loyal competition, a hobby and all a place of well-being and happiness.

DUO TONIC products are approved under the current legislation and in accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

Let us respect the motto “A healthy mind in a healthy body”



Sport enables personal development and business is a means for social fulfilment.

We maintain that racism in all its forms is not tolerated in these aforementioned environments.

Our places of practice must remain avenues for entertainment, celebration and enjoyment and not a means to discriminate and

distinguish athletes.

DUO TONIC considers sport as an axis of social diversity, for equal opportunities as well as an act of liberation and independence.

We commit ourselves to promoting and contributing to the success of “living together”