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Date and place of birth: 18/08/89, Bruges (France).

Height: 1.70

Weight: 65.

Sport: Jump Jockey.


Bertrand's Facebbok.



1512 races: 539 victory, 643 places ( between 2nd et 5th position.)

80 group race with 48 GIII, and 12 victory. 17 GII and 3 victory. 15 GI and 4 victory including the " Grand Steeple Chase" of Paris.



The jockey of obstacle is a big professional who exercises his passion with courage and worship. Evolving in a real sport in risk, the only talent

of the "pilot"("driver"), as we call him(it) in the jargon of the job(business), is not enough and the agreement of the couple horse / jockey is

dominating for the infringement(achievement) of the objectives of victories.

The fall and the defeat are the daily prize(lot) of this high-level sportsman who fetches his resources in a drastic physical and mental

preparation, especially as maintains him(it) in a certain weight of shape obliges him(it) a very strict lifestyle.

During the meetings of races(shopping), he(it) takes part in several competitions under colors (silks of the owners) different, sometimes

discovering his(its) frame a few minutes before the beginning of the operations, what implies(involves) a strong capacity of adaptation and


The victory is the ultimate reward(award) for a whole team which often works in the shade(shadow) in the preparation of the horse and the

jockey. This one is then revealed but often assumes(accepts), in contrario, the responsibility of the defeat.



The sports drinks allow him(her) a fast rehydration, and effective later of long session of intense physical preparation, or sauna He(It) so

avoids excessive weight gains.

Follower of the benefactions of this kind(genre) of sports nutrition, he(it) consumes it very regularly.



" The invention of DUO TONIC pleased me: a thought product, and conceived(designed) by a Champion of very high level, associated with a

dynamic team and plurisportive.

By creating DUO TONIC, Denis GARGAUD-CHANUT knew how to answer the exact expectations(waits) of the sportsman regarding drink

energetics, worth knowing(namely) 

The search(research) for a simple and easy product of use, and for tastes and pleasant flavors."