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The new technology of low-pressure vacuum carburizing heat treatment

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Aero-engine bearings are the critical parts of aircraft. Bearing materials are the basis for ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft engines. The processing technology of bearings, especially the heat treatment process, directly affects aircraft engines' overall performance. The reporter reported on March 26 that the new low-pressure vacuum carburizing heat treatment process developed by the entrepreneurial team led by Wang Haojie, a Postgraduate in Material Processing Engineering from Northeastern University, has achieved precise control of carbides in steel. A porous layer of aircraft engine bearings. This process enables high-end aviation bearing steel to obtain higher strength, better surface hardness, fatigue strength, wear resistance, life, and better overall performance. This process is domestically leading and has been approved by China Hangfa Harbin Bearing Co., Ltd.
The main accessories of the aero-engine starting system, fuel system, lubricating oil system, hydraulic system, etc. are driven by the engine rotor through the gear transmission. Carburizing the heat treatment process is one of the critical technologies to significantly improve the surface hardness, fatigue strength, and wear resistance of mechanical parts. It is widely used in the surface hardening treatment of essential components such as gears, transmission shafts, bearings, etc. Quality improvement plays an important role.
At present, the most prominent problem in China's metal carburizing heat treatment is that the surface quality is not close, and the pressure on environmental protection is more significant. Although there are advanced equipment and technology abroad that can solve the above problems, the price is high, and the technology is confidential. Most of the 16,000 or so domestic heat treatment enterprises cannot afford the high cost of imported equipment. Therefore, making this equipment affordable to local enterprises as soon as possible has become the research and development goal of Wang Haojie's entrepreneurial team.
In the first year of his Ph.D. study, Wang Haojie, under the guidance of his supervisor, Professor Wang Zhaodong, carried out a systematic review of the low-pressure vacuum carburizing complete equipment. He visited most factories in the country that are using this equipment and companies that are developing this equipment. Soon, Wang Haojie began to cooperate with enterprises to produce and assemble. To realize his craftsmanship, Wang Haojie has been defeated and fought repeatedly. As long as he thinks that after the product is developed, he can help enterprises solve product problems, he is full of energy. With the joint efforts and the processing enterprise, the purely domestic low-pressure vacuum carburizing heat treatment equipment was successfully released.
The research and development process of over three years has made Wang Haojie meet with most of the domestic manufacturers of vacuum furnaces. Many companies have hired him as a technical consultant at a high salary, and even proposed to give him shares and invite him to join. One of the listed companies recommended using 1000 The price of 10,000 bought out the new heat treatment technology he developed. Wang Haojie found that in cooperation with the enterprise, he could not grasp the quality of the cooperative enterprise's product manufacturing. So he spawned the idea of ​​starting his own business to control the quality of his products and turning his research and development products into the first domestic brand of low-pressure vacuum carburization.
In June 2017, Wang Haojie founded Shenyang Dongbo Thermal Technology Co., Ltd. to develop low-pressure vacuum carburizing equipment around the green development of the heat treatment industry. Based on the previous four or five years of technical research and accumulation, Wang Haojie and his team have developed heat treatment processes for critical components such as aviation hair bearings and gears, robot RV reducer cycloid wheels, and high-end seal ferrules for high-speed railways. Breaking the strict foreign technical blockade has enabled these foreign monopoly products to achieve domestic, independent manufacturing, and has dramatically reduced costs. As of the end of 2018, Wang Haojie's team has completed more than 30 million yuan in output value.
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