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Coralie Balmy

Country : France.

Date, and place of birth : 02/06/1987, Trinité (Martinique).

Height : 1m80.

Weight : 67k.

Sport : Freestyle swimming (200, 400, and 800m).




  • 2013 World Championship : Bronze Medal (Relay 4x200m freestyle swimming).
  • 2012 European Championship Short course: Bronze Medal (400m freestyle swimming).
  • 2012 European Championship: Gold Medal (400m freestyle swimming).
  • 2012 European Championship: Silver Medal (800m freestyle swimming).
  • 2012 London Olympic Games: Bronze Medal (Relay 4x200m freestyle swimming).



Coralie is specializes in the freestyle swimming category. The swimmer has the choice between different swim: crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly).

The swimming is not a sport of relaxation, it's quite the contrary, it needs a lots of endurance. It's one of the most complete sport, because all the muscle of the body are solicited, even the muscles of the neck for the respiration.

This sport offers a very intense physical activity both to enhance the cardiovasculars capabilities, and also the coordination between the higher, and lower limbs.

To be a good swimmer it must certainly be in good physical and mental health.

More, lifestyle is particulary important, in general they are followed througout the year by dieticians and physioterapists.


The sport nutrition has an important part in the performance, because she's contribute for a proper functioning of the organism, and we see the results durinf our competition.
Our nutrition must be healthy and balanced eating.
Because DUO TONIC was able to provide to the athlete a very practical and simplified range of food supplements fo the practice of high sport level.
Moreover DUO TONIC is a French brand who respect the anti-doping rules, wich is a very important point for us. The range of products suits me at both in taste and functionality.