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Where Can Aluminum Nitride Be Used?

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Aluminum nitride is a covalent bond compound, belonging to the hexagonal crystal system, with a lead-zinc type crystal structure, which is white or off-white.
There are reports that most of the current research is developing a semiconductor (gallium nitride or alloy aluminum gallium nitride) based light-emitting diode that operates in ultraviolet light, and the wavelength of light is 250 nanometers. In May 2006, it was reported that an inefficient diode can emit light waves with a wavelength of 210 nanometers [1]. Measured by vacuum ultraviolet reflectance, a single aluminum nitride crystal has an energy gap of 6.2 eV. In theory, the energy gap allows some waves with a wavelength of about 200 nanometers to pass. However, many difficulties need to be overcome when it is implemented commercially. Aluminum nitride is used in optoelectronic engineering, including as dielectric layer in optical storage interface and electronic substrate, as chip carrier with high thermal conductivity, and for military use.

Due to the characteristics of the piezoelectric effect of aluminum nitride, the epitaxial stretching of aluminum nitride crystals is also used in surface acoustic wave detectors. The detector will be placed on the silicon wafer. There are very few places where these thin films can be reliably manufactured.
The use of aluminum nitride ceramics has high room temperature and high temperature strength, small expansion coefficient, and good thermal conductivity. It can be used as heat exchanger materials for high-temperature structural parts.
Using aluminum nitride ceramics can withstand the corrosion properties of metals and alloys such as iron and aluminum, it can be used as a crucible and casting mold material for melting metals such as Al, Cu, Ag, Pb.

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