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A brief introduction to thrust ball bearings

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What is thrust ball bearing
Thrust ball bearings can bear a certain axial force, so the bearing is mainly used to bear the weight of the workpiece; while cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used for radial positioning and bearing external radial forces (such as cutting force, milling force, etc.) . This type of design is widely used, and the cost is relatively low. Because the thrust ball is a point contact bearing, its axial bearing capacity is relatively limited, and it is mainly used for small or medium-sized machine tool rotary tables. In addition, the lubrication of the thrust ball is also difficult.
What is the difference between roller thrust bearing and ball bearing?
When roller thrust bearings are used to withstand high thrust loads, roller thrust bearings are usually found in gear sets of automotive gearboxes used between gears or between housing and rotating shaft. Thrust ball bearings are specifically designed to withstand only thrust loads in low speed, low weight applications.
What is the purpose of thrust ball bearings?
Thrust ball bearings have many different designs and applications, and their designs are specific to their industrial applications and load types. Thrust ball bearings with high load carrying capacity are suitable for many applications where heavy thrust loads are encountered in the application. These products are widely used in heavy-duty applications such as pulverized coal, stone crushing, plastic extrusion and rolling mill stands. Due to heavy loads and high loads, many of our thrust bearings are made of surface hardened parts to improve durability.
Functions and advantages of Xinghuo bearing products
1. There are two designs: one-way and two-way. To accommodate the initial misalignment in the assembly, both designs are available with spherical centering seats or centering washers.
2. High-quality steel-ultra-clean steel can extend bearing life by 80%.
3. Advanced grease technology can extend the life and performance of special lubricants.
4. High-grade ball-it can operate smoothly and quietly even at high speed.
What are the disadvantages of thrust ball bearings?
Compared with similar plastic bearings, steel thrust bearings have the disadvantages of high weight, high friction, corrosion and more noise. Plastic thrust bearings can be molded into any shape.
Thrust ball bearing type
Spark thrust ball bearings are divided into the following categories. There are two designs: one-way and two-way. The one-way thrust ball bearing design includes two rings, called shaft and housing washers, and a ball and cage assembly. On the other hand, the two-way thrust ball bearing design includes three washers and two ball and cage assemblies. The bidirectional ball and cage components are separated by shaft washers.
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