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How to make spherical quartz powder by high-temperature plasma melting method?

wallpapers News 2021-12-14
Spherical quartz powder is purified and ultra-finely pulverized from natural quartz stone, and then passes through a certain high-temperature field to make its phase, crystal form and shape change instantaneously from a solid-state to a molten state and then to a solid-state. A powder is obtained by changing from crystalline state to amorphous state, and from irregular angular particles to regular spherical particles. Its preparation methods currently generally include the high-temperature plasma melting method, high temperature melting spray method and gas combustion flame method. 
The high-temperature plasma melting method uses high-temperature gas generated by AC or DC arc plasma as a heat source to inject quartz powder into a plasma flame. The powder is heated and melted and instantly vaporized, then quenched, and collected by a cyclone and a cloth bag to obtain spherical quartz powder. It is characterized by high heating temperature, which can obtain a temperature field that is more than 5 times higher than chemical combustion (above 3000K). High temperature, high heat, and high active atmosphere make the chemical reaction proceed very quickly, leading to the rapid formation of high-temperature phase compounds that are difficult to synthesize by chemical liquid phase method. . When the reaction material leaves the plasma, after rapid cooling, the particles no longer grow up. The plasma states of different atmospheres can be formed according to different needs, and the range of reactants is wide.
But plasma technology is very difficult. First, the plasma temperature field is affected by the magnetic and electrical properties of the plasma, the temperature field is small and concentrated, the stable high-temperature field of the heating device is not easy to control, and the temperature range is not easy to adjust. Secondly, the energy of the plasma and the generation of the jet are realized by the current passing through the ionized gas medium. Too much dilution of the plasma will interrupt the current and lose its effect. These factors make it difficult to control the spheroidization rate of the product, and it is difficult to form large-scale production.

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