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Solvent-free penetrating cross-linking combined paint for cooling tower anticorrosion

wallpapers News 2021-11-26
Solvent-free penetrating cross-linking combined paint for cooling tower anticorrosion
A solvent-free penetrating cross-linked composite coating for cooling tower anticorrosion, including base surface repair material: quartz powder, Portland cement, and acrylate/acrylamide/acrylate terpolymer; primer: Porter Blue cement slag, quartz sand, and quartz powder; inner wall surface coating: bisphenol A, epichlorohydrin resin, 3aminomethyl3,5,5trimethyl, polyamide; outer wall surface coating: Acrylate polymer, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, and water. Starting from the overall consideration, the present invention not only solves the influence of the cooling tower concrete's characteristics on the adhesion of the coating but also has strong compatibility between the coatings. With the help of the interpenetrating and crosslinking between the coatings, the anticorrosive layer and the concrete are subjected to physical and chemical reactions. Integrate into one to achieve the long-term antiseptic effect.
This kind of paint is characterized in that, in the order of application, it includes: base surface repair material, primer paint, and surface coating; the base surface repair material includes 45-55wt% of quartz powder, 40-50wt% of Portland cement, and acrylic 4-6wt% of ester/acrylic amine/acrylate terpolymer; the primer includes 45-55wt% of Portland cement slag, 8-12wt% of quartz sand and 35-45wt% of quartz powder; the surface layer The paint is divided into inner wall surface layer paint and outer wall surface layer paint; the inner wall surface layer paint includes 20-25wt% of bisphenol A, 40-50wt% of epichlorohydrin resin, 3-aminomethyl-3,5,5- Trimethyl 15-20wt%, polyamide 14-18wt%; the outer wall surface coating includes 25-35wt% acrylate polymer, 20-30wt% calcium carbonate, 15-25wt% titanium dioxide, and 20-30wt% water.
To prepare a spray-type solvent-free heavy-duty anticorrosive coating, this study uses bisphenol F epoxy resin, resorcinol epoxy resin, and cardanol glycidyl ether as the main components of the base material, and self-made mixed amine as the curing agent. On this basis, pigments, fillers, and additives are added, and they are prepared by dispersion, grinding, and filtration. After testing, this product has a mixed viscosity of 2590 MPa·s-1, a heat distortion temperature of 94°C, an adhesion of 18.5 MPa, boiling water resistance, and resistance to It has superior performance in saltwater, heat-resistant crude oil, acid, and alkali resistance, and neutral salt spray resistance. It can be sprayed and is suitable for large-scale applications in the industrial heavy-duty anti-corrosion field.

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