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What does the angular contact bearing letter suffix represent?

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Corner contact bearing wrote definition
B: Modified internal structure
MP: Machine Processing Window Brass Cascade
TVP: Glass fiber reinforced nylon retention
UA: Universal Structure Design for Mounting Bearings, Small Axial Overlays
UO: Universal Structure Design for Installing Bearings, Zero Axial Overlay Bearing Group
DA: Double semi-built (double corner contact ball bearing)
TVH: glass fiber reinforced polyamide holder, steel ball guidance
Corner contact bearing
1. When the bearing is running to a certain period (or maintains the maintenance of the maintenance), all the bearing is removed;
2. Soak the cleaning bearing with diesel or kerosene used by cleaning, and it is best to open the sealing cover by the technical conditions;
3, after cleaning, empty and clean oil, the appearance check is damaged;
4, with a 150mm or so, the diameter is a wooden rod (preferably a hollow tube) equal to the inner diameter of the ball bearing (preferably a hollow tube), and one side is fixed;
5. Fast rotation of the bearing by hand, the other end of the wooden stick (wood tube) on the ear or the audio amplifier microphone argue to listen to the bearing rotation noise;
6. After the fixed bearing is transversely turned on the wooden rod, check whether the bearing wear is loose;
7, relatively loose, too much rotation, and the FAG bearings with severe defect should be eliminated, with the same number;
8. Take a bucket to use the appropriate amount of grease (high-quality yellow dried oil) to use a text to fluidize (non-superheated), and put the detected bearing into the bucket to the non-bubble spill. Take the bearing before the gas is cooled, and the amount of residual grease is low. After the grease is cooled, take out the angular contact ball bearings, and the amount of residual grease is large. Determine the amount of grease residue as needed.
9, rubbing the FAG bearing is equipped into the pulley with a soft cloth or toilet paper bearing, and the FAG bearing is placed onto the pulley, and the maintenance and maintenance will end.Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd (Aka Spark Bearings) is the complete, one-stop ball bearing supplier & manufacturer. All products are qualified and have passed the ISO 9001 qualification. Here are some popular types of Bearings, Send a quote and get the latest price of cheap bearings from Spark Bearings.

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