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What is aluminum nitride ceramics?

wallpapers News 2021-12-02
Aluminum nitride ceramic is aluminum nitride-based on crystal phase ceramics, with high thermal conductivity, good insulation, low dielectric constant characteristics, aluminum nitride crystal with tetrahedron as a  structural unit covalent bond compound, wurtzite structure, belonging to the hexagonal crystal system. Chemical composition aluminum 65.81%, nitrogen 34.19%, specific gravity 3.261g/cm3, white or grayish-white, single-crystal colorless transparent, sublimation decomposition temperature is 2450°C under atmospheric pressure. It is a high temperature and heat resistant material, its thermal expansion coefficient (4.0- -6.0) *10^- -6/C. Polycrystalline aluminum nitride thermal conductivity of 260W/(M.K), 5-8 times higher than alumina, so good thermal shock, can withstand 2200°C extreme heat. In addition, aluminum nitride is resistant to molten aluminum, other molten metals, and gallium arsenide, especially to molten aluminum.
There are many ways to process aluminum nitride ceramics, but CNC equipment is still needed for finishing. However, the hardness of aluminum nitride ceramics is very high, more than the traditional alumina, so when processing can not be processed by the method of metal finishing.
First machining aluminum nitride ceramic can't use the common metal craft, cutting tool is best not to use such as tungsten steel knife cutting tools, such as common can dramatically shorten the service life of the cutter, otherwise processing aluminum nitride ceramic grinding of PCD cutting tool can be used, the cutting tool material for diamond, can effective processing aluminum nitride materials.
The most important thing is to have a reasonable plus T path, path setting will directly affect the processing effect. When machining aluminum nitride ceramics with CNC, it is often encountered the situation of edge breakage after perforation. A reasonable path can prevent this phenomenon and improve the quality of aluminum nitride ceramics products.
Secondly, the choice of equipment is very important. Because of the hardness of aluminum nitride ceramics, ordinary CNC machine tools can not effectively process it, mainly because the rigidity of ordinary CNC machine tools is not strong enough. Aluminum nitride ceramics is a very hard material, the processing process is bound to produce greater vibration than other materials, if the rigidity is not strong enough, it may cause the consequences such as cutter jumping, causing great negative to the spindle. Buckets, the serious influence the precision of the spindle, processing can still, for a short period time, of course, if you want to better processing aluminum nitride ceramic, had better choose ceramic production machine, the machine tool's stronger rigidity, can reduce the vibration of machining hard materials, protection is better, can effectively resist due to grinding of ceramic powder for machine tools.
More than aluminum nitride ceramic materials, the current special ceramics generally have high hardness and fragile characteristics, processing ceramic materials not only to have exquisite processing technology, the best and professional processing equipment.

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