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Country: Spain

Place, and Date of birth: 07/10/1994, Banyoles (Spain).

Height: 1.82

Weight: 67

Sport: Trail running, ski montainring.


Facebook, and Twitter.



European Championship Junior Individual 2014: 1st.


 Trail running and cross country skiing share the objective of pushing the boundaries – going further, faster despite the pain of the effort

and above all, in search of pleasure. There are some very technical aspects in both train running and cross-country skiing. For starters,

the athlete must be able to run on undulating terrain, steep hills and descents and on top of their excellent physical capacities,

concentration and coordination are also essential skills. Secondly, a good cross-country skier must understand the proper techniques of

alpinism and also have excellent cardiorespiratory fitness.

Both of these sports are in every aspect complementary of each other – in the summer Oriol favours train running, and in the winter the

skiing, however the concentration, the physical and mental strengths to reach his goals are the same. The will and tenacity of these

athletes is the key to their success.



Studying STAPA at Font Remeux, Oriol is capable of balancing his studies and athletic pursuits. Nutrition plays a big role and for Orial,

variety allows him better performances. He prefers energy drinks as well as bars and gels which he consumes regularly in competition.

It’s a way for him to test the products and their perceived benefits. Hydration is vital in these sports and he places great importance on

taste of energy drinks as well as their hydrating and nutritional properties. 



" I like that the products are practical, natural, economic and renewable and these are important aspects that I take into consideration and

DUO TONIC emphasises these completely. Plus the flavours and taste of the drinks are excellent! "