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Gauthier KLAUSS & Matthieu PECHE

Matthieu PECHE.                                                                                Gauthier KLAUSS.

Country: France                                                                                       Country: France

Date and place of birth: 7 October 1987, in Epinal, France.                    Date and place of birth: 17 December 1987, in Epinal, France.

Height: 1.75                                                                                              Height: 1.71

Weight: 73                                                                                                Weight: 64

Sport: C2 Canoe Double Men.                                                                 Sport: C2 Canoe Double Men.


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- European Championship 2014: Silver medal in C2 Team

- Olympic Games, London 2012: 4th place.

- World Cup tornament 2013: Gold Medal.

- European Championship 2013: Gold Medal in C2 Team.



Gauthier and Matthieu compete in Canoe Slalom in the C2 (doubles) event since they are little boys. They are in a kneeling position in the

boat, and use a single bladed paddle.

The rules of the game are the same as for the individual canoe and kayak events, they must negotiate between 18 and 25 gates on a

whitewater course of approximately 300m in length. The green gates are downstream and the red gates are upstream. If a gate is

touched or missed a penalty is incurred.

Communication is essential in this event. A good synchronisation is key to success and technically, as well as tactically, Gauthier and

Matthieu need to react together to ensure a good cohesion. 



Generally speaking, nutrition has a significant impact on performance in sport. It is an important part of the recovery process, but also

pre- and post training. Gauthier, and Matthieu have two different views on sports nutrition. For Gauthier, the practicality and the

convenience of the product is everything, while Matthieu places more importance on the taste and flavour of the product.



“ The key aspect that appealed to us with DUO TONIC was the practical side of it, the ease and also the ingenuity of the product. It’s

really easy to use and it’s even 100% sustainable. The range of products is good whatever the energy fuel need is as well as the taste of

the products ".