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Introduction to the chemical and physical properties of manganese dioxide

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Manganese dioxide is a black rhombic crystal. Density 5.026g/cm3. Decomposition at 535℃. Insoluble in water, nitric acid, and cold sulfuric acid. Dissolves in cold hydrochloric acid and produce chlorine gas. The strong oxidant cannot be heated or rubbed together with organic matter or other reducing agents. Mainly from white natural mineral pyrolusite. It is generally prepared by high-temperature manganese sulfate solution electrolysis, and manganese carbonate ore and pyrolusite can be used as raw materials. The preparation of manganese sulfate solution includes leaching, iron removal, neutralization, heavy metal removal, filtration, and static calcium and magnesium removal. The crude product is obtained after high-temperature electrolysis, which is then processed to include stripping, crushing, washing, neutralization, and Qualified crystals are prepared by processes such as drying. Fibrous manganese dioxide can be prepared by electrolysis using a manganese chloride solution. There are also pyrolysis methods of manganese carbonate and manganese nitrate, which are prepared by direct oxidation of a combination reaction of low-priced manganese oxide and an oxidizing agent sodium chlorate, chlorine gas, and oxygen gas. Mainly used as a depolarizer for dry batteries, suitable for light-load intermittent discharge; used as a decolorizer in the glass industry; manganese zinc ferrite materials (manganese ferromanganese alloy for steelmaking) made in the electronics industry, used as an oxidant, organic synthesis catalyst, Desiccant for paints and inks, absorbent for gas masks, combustion aid for matches, ceramics, enamel glaze, and water purification and iron removal. The types of activated manganese dioxide crystals are α, β, γ, ρ, δ, and other forms. The natural manganese dioxide-rich mineral is used as raw material. After simple chemical treatment, the original manganese dioxide changes the crystal form, expands the lattice gap, increases the porosity and specific surface area, and improves the electrochemical performance. Normally, hot dilute sulfuric acid (or nitric acid) is used to treat natural manganese dioxide ore powder for activation treatment directly. Natural manganese dioxide ore powder is first reduced and roasted to produce manganese trioxide. Then sulfuric acid (or nitric acid) is added to disproportionate it into activation. Manganese dioxide. It is mainly used for the raw material treatment of batteries. It can be used in conjunction with natural manganese dioxide to obtain excellent discharge performance.

The main purpose

Manganese dioxide is used as a harmful agent in dry batteries; used as an oxidant in nonferrous metal hydrometallurgy, hydroquinone (terephthalic acid) production, and uranium refining; used as an oxidant and glaze in ceramics and enamel production; used in glass production For eliminating noise and making decorative glass. The chemical industry produces manganese sulfate, potassium permanganate, manganese carbonate, manganese chloride, manganese nitrate, manganese monoxide, etc. It is essential for chemical reagents, medicine, welding, paint, and synthetic industries.

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