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How strong is the bactericidal effect of nano silver

What is the role to nanosilver?

Nano silver is composed by silver nanoparticles. They can be used as antibacterial and antifungal agents in industry, in the treatment of water and merchandise for consumer use (such as clothing, cosmetics baby products or food containers, as well as many other products). The idea behind nanosilver is it is a silver-based elemental with a particle size of nanometer at the nanometer level. It is fine silver element that has smaller particles than 100nm and generally ranges between 25-50nm. The efficiency of nano silver is directly dependent on the size of its particles. The research found in that the smaller size of the particles, the stronger the sterilization properties.

Nano silver is equivalent to colloidal silver?

First, the colloidal silver particles are prepared without a capping ingredient. In contrast silver nanoparticles can be covered with plant extracts. This makes them more stable and safe for human tissue. Also, with the advancement of technology the size of nanoparticles is now more uniform.

Will nano silver eliminate bacteria?

Silver is a well-documented antibacterial agent , which has been found to kill bacteria fungal organisms and certain viruses. The antimicrobial effect is caused by positively charged silver ions (Ag +)22,22. Silver ions target microorganisms through many different mechanisms of action.

Nano silver is not visible in the eyes of the naked observer. Very little nano silver is mixed into deionized waters to form a colloidal solution-nano silver antibacterial liquid. The size of its particles is 500 to 1000 times smaller than that of cells, it is easy to absorb and excreted and it can rapidly and efficiently capture the fungi and bacteria and viruses. It's different from common antibiotics. Antibiotics kill only a few bacteria , but not viruses. Nano-silver will kill more than 65 kinds of bacteria as well as viruses. It's a well-deserved secondary "immune system" of the human body.

Is Nano Silver good for you?

A compound, it is can be found in the natural environment and is considered quite healthy. However, the general public does not have enough knowledge about the health and environmental risk of silver nanoparticles so ingestion of colloidal silver is regarded as a risk.

Nano silver is antibacterial. It's different from other chemical and biological disinfectants, nano silver is able to eliminate more than 650 types of bacteria in just minutes. It is able to sterilize the entire spectrum without any drug resistance, and may help in wound healing, cell growth and damage. The process of repairing cells has an absence of toxic reaction or inflammation to the skin. This offers a lot of potential in the use of nano silver as an antibacterial. It is the latest technological advancement in natural antibacterial substances.

Is nano silver dangerous?

Nano silver may cause minor eye and skin irritation on the skin. It also acts as an allergen to the skin that is mild. Inhalation of silver nanoparticles typically affects the lungs and liver. It has been proven that silver nanoparticles are harmful to mammalian cells.

Specifications of Nano Silver

1. An antibiotic is capable of killing about six types of pathogens as nano silver has the capacity to kill thousands of microorganisms that cause disease.

2. Nano silver has the ability to kill more than 650 types of bacteria in only a few minutes. The unique bactericidal mechanism enables nano silver particles to kill pathogenic bacteria in small amounts.

3. Nano silver particles are extremely permeability, can quickly penetrate up to 2mm beneath the skin to sterilize. They also have high sterilizing power on regular bacteria, resistant bacteria or drug-resistant ones, as well as on the deep-tissue infections that are caused by fungi.

4. Encourage healing of wounds as well as repair and renewal of damaged cells. It also helps to decompose the muscle growth, improve antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, accelerate wound healing and minimize the formation of scars.

5. Nano silver particles are made through patented techniques, and include the protection of a film on the outside which is gradually released throughout the human body therefore the antibacterial effect can be lasting and long-lasting.

6. Nano silver is a non-antibacterial bactericide: Nano silver can kill many pathogenic microorganisms, and is more effective than antibiotics. The antibacterial properties using nano silver particles at 10 nanometers can rapidly and effectively kill bacteria. This causes them to cease their reproduction which means they are no longer able to reproduce. Future generations of drug resistance will efficiently ward off attacks that are repeated by resistance to drugs.

Nano silver antibacterial mechanism

Nano silver particles lie between microscopic substances and macroscopic particles and atoms. They display unique surface effects, tiny size effects, quantum size effects, and macro-sized quantum tunnel effects which can be easily absorbed by infections;

2. In nanoscale silver, the size is small as well as the volume percentage of the surface is huge. The state of bonding and the electronic status of the surface are distinct from the inside of the particle. Incomplete coordination of surface atoms is a cause of an increase in active locations on the surface that serve to act as an antibacterial substance.

3. Nano-silver's high penetrating strength, can fully and fully strike pathogens thereby exerting stronger biological effects. It's advantages include high security, a wide antibiotic range and lasting sterilization time. Nanosilver's antibacterial properties are far more effective in fighting pathogenic bacilli and filamentous fungi compared to traditional silver Ion thermicides. Nano silver particles are able to eliminate fungi, bacteria and mycoplasma, chlamydia as well as other pathogenic microorganisms.

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