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How to ask a freight forwarder about freight charges


How to ask a freight forwarder about freight charges

Now that you know how to hire the best freight forwarder to handle your goods, you should know the details you need to get an accurate quote and freight for your product. This will help you to be well prepared and also help the freight forwarder to provide you with good service.


To get a quote from the freight forwarder, the information required includes:


1. Product name.

Product name is mandatory. Also, does the product come with or without a battery? Is it magnetic? Is it a liquid? Are they dangerous goods?


2. INCOTERMS or Sales Terms.

Incoterms refer to the international terms of business between you and the seller, supplier, manufacturer or factory. Is your international trade term EXW, FOB or cost, insurance and freight?


3. Weight and volume information.

It would be best if you had the packing list. Alternatively, you can send the gross weight and volume information of the delivery item.


4. Supplier or factory address.

If your contract price clause is EXW then we must arrange to pick up from your supplier or factory so we need the address of the supplier or factory to check the pickup charge.


5. Destination address or port of destination.

For express shipping or any type of door-to-door delivery, we will need your exact destination address and zip code to check the exact cost and your port information for air freight or any type of shipment to port.


6. Your preferred mode of transportation (air, express, sea or train).

The cost of shipping by air, express, sea or train varies greatly, so please let us know which model of transportation you prefer.


7. Your preferred delivery time - how quickly you want the goods to arrive.

If you do not know which model of transportation is more suitable for you, please let us know your preferred delivery time and we will try our best to recommend the mode of transportation that best suits your needs.


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