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How to choose the right Amazon FBA first-way logistics service provider?


The headway of Amazon FBA is a logistics service provider, and sellers need to find and cooperate by themselves. Seller's attention, after choosing the FBA service, Amazon provides logistics and distribution for the seller is only the seller's product, from the FBA warehouse to the buyer's harvest address, the seller's product enters the Amazon FBA warehouse, and needs to be transported from the domestic warehouse to the FBA warehouse, on this road. Need the help of the seller to choose the FBA first-way service provider, which is the freight forwarder we often say. How to choose an Amazon FBA first-haul logistics service provider?

When choosing an FBA head-haul service provider, it’s clear that sellers need to learn more about these service providers and see what features they offer. It can be said that in the first journey of FBA, sellers can choose many ways, including express, sea, air, and so on. Of course, in the face of cross-border e-commerce, sellers may also encounter issues such as customs clearance, taxes, and fees. Pay attention to these problems, Amazon will not help sellers, only sellers need to solve them by themselves. Of course, many FBA head haul service providers can also provide this question for sellers. For example, we often see these service items, such as headway service providers, Shanghai-style double-clearing tax returns, and air-based double-clearing tax returns.


Sellers need to know enough about this when choosing an Amazon FBA head-haul service provider. At the same time, the same air, sea, and express, and different service providers may have very different resources and advantages, for example, some service providers have great advantages in ocean shipping, and some service providers have great advantages in European routes. The big advantage is that some service providers, although the price is slightly higher, have fast shipping, fast shipping, and cycle times. This makes sellers need to understand these contents and then help choose a suitable Amazon FBA head-haul service provider.


That is to say, sellers need to know more and compare more when choosing an FBA head-haul service provider. They can also consult other partners for good service providers to find useful cooperation and pleasant service providers to help sellers better shop on Amazon.

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