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What is Tin disulfide

What's Tin disulfide?

Tin disulfide is a non-organic compound that has a chemical formula of SnS2. It is the color of a yellow hexagonal flake and has its CdI2 crystal shape. It isn't really soluble in the water, but it's soluble in aqua regia and hot alkaline solution. It is as well in sodium sulfide Solution, commonly used for golden paint.

Tin disulfide is soluble in the alkali in hot and aqua regia solution. It is also able to undergo coordination reaction with concentrated acid, however it is insoluble in dilute hydrochloric acids, insoluble in water, and the acid nitric. It can also react by combining ammonium with sulfide in order to dissolve.

How to make Tin disulfide?

Tin disulfide may be obtained through the direct combination of tin with sulfur in the presence of iodine. The reaction requires the heating process:

2. S -- SnS2

Another method is to pass hydrogen sulfide in solution of tin (IV) salt or tin (IV) salt solution, and then cause it to precipitate.

Electrochemical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes held in with tin disulfide used as the negative electrode of lithium ion battery

Direct current arc-plasma method was employed to produce multi-walled carbon carbon nanotube confined metal tin nanostructures (Sn@MWCNT) as an intermediate in a methane atmosphere, and then SnS_2@MWCNT nanostructures were obtained through in the reaction of sulfurization. The results of physical analysis of the substance, including Raman, X-ray Diffraction (XRD), and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) proved that the size of multi-walled carbon Nanotubes was 400nm. The carbon layer that was on the surface was crystallized, and the thickness of the carbon layer was 10 nanometers. Lithium ion batteries using Sn S2@MWCNT nanostructures as anode materials exhibit a decent electrochemical performance. The first recharge Coulomb rate is 71%, After 50 cycles of use, the capacity still remains at 703mAh?g-1. The superior capacity characteristics of SnS_2@MWCNT nanostructured electrodes result from the fact that several types of active substances provide the capacity to work together, and also the chemical reaction platform for each one is distinct.

Study on electrochemical performance of tin disulfide/single-walled carbon nanotube composite material used as anode material for lithium-ion battery

A novel composite made up of SnS2 as well as single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) was developed using an easy solvothermal process. It is found to have high electrochemical efficiency after being connected to the negative electrode of lithium ion battery. At a high current density of 1 A/g after 100 times, the battery retains a specific capacity that is reversible of 500 millions of mAh/g. In order to compare, we applied this same method to create a single SnS2 material, and conduct experiments on its electrochemistry. The results demonstrate that, although the initial performance of SnS2 material is relatively high, its cycle performance is low and will begin to decline after only 20 cycles. The superior effectiveness of this alloy material when used in lithium-ion batteries believed to be due to it being a synergy between both components made up of SnS2 along with SWCNTs.

Tin disulfide Supplier

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